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Offering Oudh products such as Oudh Oil, Oudh Chips, etc. that offer soothing effects on mind and offer therapeutic benefits..
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Who We Are

Believing in natural therapeutic properties of Agarwood, Raihaan The Oudh Shop is occupied in providing Oudh Chips and other incensed products to its worldwide clients. Based at Gujarat (India) since 2013, we have been serving to our global clients as a manufacturer, trader, distributor and exporter of 100% Agarwood products that is better known by various names such as Gharu, Eaglewood, Aloes wood, Dhan al Oudh and others. Famous amongst few elements that possess therapeutic soothing attributes, our products offer positive effects for calming nervous system of body. Our offered product line comprises Oudh Chips, Agarwood Oil, Agarwood Chip, Oudh Oil, Bukhoor, Bukhoordani and many others.

Unlike others, we began our journey with total focus on delivering products that are refined and developed in a manner that help in bringing their natural essence when used. Owing to our aspirations and consistent efforts to deliver natural fragrances to our clients in spite of commercial ones, we set ourselves apart from ordinary brands in the industry. Owing to a huge demand of Oudh products for therapeutic and soothing applications, some cheap alternatives have come in existence selling inferior quality products. In order to meet excellence expectations of our treasured clients, we source agar wood from Indian forests and various tropical forests from other parts of the world. With our products, you can rest assured from opening smell to the last sniff of the agar wood aroma, as we promise to live up to our promises.

Following are some benefits of Oudh and its relevant products that are popular throughout the world.

  • Natural elements drive away the toxins and positively affect a person's mental state.
  • Help in expelling all negative energy out, resulting in making the wearer more alert and focused.
  • Possesses medicinal benefits, as it includes anti-asthmatic, anti-microbial and diuretic properties.
  • In Islamic civilization, it has been regarded for its majestic properties as it helps in connecting with transcendent.

Why Choose Us?

Since we stepped in the industry, we have proved our excellence in all respects from manufactured goods, swift delivery and cost-effective prices. Below are some other factors we are appreciated for.

  • Ethical business practices
  • Transparent business deals
  • Customer centric approach
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Unmatched quality
  • Scheduled delivery